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Kari Kinkade

We’ve been travelling to Des Moines with our 4 year old daughter who was just diagnosed with Selective Mutism for therapy appointments…it’s been a little nutty around here. Kellen just LOVES his b-Calm! We received it on a day when he was feeling very overwhelmed, feeling anxious and out-of-sorts. The UPS driver brought the box up to our door and we had no idea what was inside. I was so surprised and over joyed when I opened it up! Kellen immediately put it on and was zoned out. He sat in the rocking chair with that on for a good 1 1/2 hours- and I let him. He needed it soooo much that day…it was such a blessing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving Kellen the opportunity to have one of these. He has also allowed his little sister to use it as well! We have noticed that when she is feeling anxious (which is the majority of the day) it helps her to calm down and to refocus. It is really helping both of my kiddos out!

Dawn Snyder, Parent

This product is such a heaven sent. With my son, who is on the spectrum, but very high functioning, it is really hard to find ways to help him, especially in public, because he really just is perceived as a “naughty” kid. This b-calm unit has helped so much with keeping him calm, or getting him back to a calmer frame of mind, even while in public since there is nothing that screams “AUTISM” about the unit, so he feels very comfortable taking with him every where. Here are some situations where the b-Calm is really helping. * Night time. My son loves the pre-loaded soothing noises to help him sleep and keep any other noise out so he is not bothered. * Car rides. Again the pre-loaded soothing noises are so helpful. He has siblings, and when they are all confined in a car, it can be very chaotic. To my son, this is a recipe for a melt down. We he can block out his sisters, it makes for such a better trip, for ALL OF US!! * Nana & Papa’s House. His Nana and Papa have finally accepted he is on the spectrum but they still don’t always know how to handle him or his distress. Plus they talk very loudly, which really upsets him. So he takes the unit with him to get his quiet time and calm down. They will also now tell him to use the unit when they see he is getting frustrated with a situation and needs to calm down.

Kevin Dill, (Executive Director of Black Hawk County Veterans Affairs)

"We put the b-Calm device into the hands of 8 of our Veterans with PTSD. Of those 8,  7 found relief and rest using the b-Calm device.  The 8 veterans were all between the ages of 25-55 years of age. There were two females and six males.  1 was from the Gulf War and the others were Post 9/11 Vets.
They all gave the device a thumbs up and are still currently using it as needed."
-Kevin Dill (Executive Director of Black Hawk County Veterans Affairs)

Case Studies & Research

* Eastern Carolina University, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Special Education, Greenville, North Carolina *
– ECU research study report — 2011 
* University of Northern Iowa, College of Education, Special Education Department, Cedar Falls, Iowa
– UNI research study report – 2009 
– Second research study in progress 
* Mayo Health Systems, Rochester, Minnesota 
– Dr. Andrew Reeves, MD, Medical Director of Specialty Care, Neurology 
– Upcoming research study 
* Cedar Valley — Charitable Donation of 100 b-Calm units 
– Practical evaluation of b-Calm use in home, school, community, etc.

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