The player will not turn on.

Ensure the player is charged. Fully charging the player takes 8 hours. If the player is charged and not turning on, reset the player by using a paper clip to press the button on the bottom of the player.

When I try to turn on my audio player, the screen lights up for only a few seconds then shuts off.

The audio players used in the b-Calm system have a HOLD setting activated by the switch on the right side of the player. Insure the power switch is not set to HOLD before attempting to use the player.

My player is on but I don’t hear any sound.

Ensure the headphone jack is fully inserted into the player, the volume is turned up, and the player is charged.

The buttons on my player do not work.

Reset the player. Gently press the reset button on the bottom of the unit using a paper clip.



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