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​Q: What is b-Calm™ for ADD/ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?
A: b-Calm™ is a simple audio system designed to relax and calm those with mental stress caused by noise.

Q: Is b-Calm™ and AudioSedation a type of audio or sensory integration therapy?
A: No. AudioSedation is currently not a treatment, but a simple acoustic intervention. Evidence based research efforts are currently underway to determine what role b-Calm systems can play as part of a therapy for ASD and ADHD.

Q: What is AudioSedation™?
A: AudioSedation™ refers to the audio tracks developed for use with the b-Calm™. These tracks employ special noise masking signals that are blended into live recordings of different natural environments. The result is a soothing audio experience that helps calm and relax the mind as well as block unwanted and distracting noises.

Q: Is AudioSedation™ different from white noise?
A: Yes. More than just white noise, AudioSedation™ is a blend of natural recordings and optimized noise masking signals.

Q. How does AudioSedation™ help with ADD and ADHD?
A: It has been found that noise is often a primary cause for distraction and discomfort for those with ADD/ADHD. AudioSedation™ works by making these noises less apparent to the user through unique noise masking techniques. With noise distractions minimized, the mind is more able to focus and relax. Additonal AudioSedation™ tracks have been further tailored for specific environments known to be especially disturbing, such as the dentist.

Q. How does AudioSedation™ help with ASD?
A. Individuals on the Autism spectrum often find certain noises extremely disturbing or painful. Using our unique noise masking technique, the AudioSedation™ tracks make these and other noises less apparent to the listener. Instead, they hear natural sounds that promote a sense of calm and relaxation.

Q: Can you make custom AudioSedation™ tracks for my specific case?
A: Yes! AudioSedation™ is a highly customizable technique that can be tailored for a variety of uses. Contact our office and ask to talk to an engineer about your needs.

Q. Is b-Calm™ or AudioSedation™ a “medical treatment” or “cure”?
A. No. b-Calm™ with AudioSedation™ is simply offered as a noise control tool that has been shown to be effective in reducing some of the negative effects of ADHD/ADD and ASD. Ongoing scholarly research will determine long term benefits of b-Calm use. We suggest users consult a physician and/or qualified therapist in regards to treatment options for these conditions.

Q. If b-Calm works for me or my child, can we discontinue or reduce use of medications?
A. b-Calm does not promote itself as a replacement for medication. We encourage users to consult a physician and/or qualified therapist if you believe changes to medications are needed for any reason.

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